Letters: New York Times reporters bring their opinions to print (8/1/20)

New York Times reporters bring their opinions to print

Re: “Republicans contradict Trump amid virus crisis,” July 29 news story

I am concerned that your articles, which are supposed to be factual, not statements of opinion, have reporters who insert nonfactual statements. The specific example I am sharing today, which is not unusual, comes from the New York Times. Specifically, the article states:

“Amid mounting alarm in a huge portion of the country, Trump has at times appeared to inhabit a different universe, incorrectly predicting the outbreak would quickly dissipate and falsely claiming the spread of the virus was simply a function of increased testing. ”

This is an inappropriate statement as it is the reporter’s opinion, not a quote from someone else, and turns an otherwise objective news article into an opinion piece that should be placed in the opinion section.

My comment is not because I do or don’t support our president, but it does support his comment about fake news when reporters make statements like this whether or not I agree with the statement. This is not an isolated occurrence in articles The Post publishes. It has become a regular event. I would like to encourage you, the editorial staff and your news editors, to delete, or at least re-word statements like this from articles you choose to publish as objective news articles. To do less is to lower your standards to those used by our politicians … often the real source of fake news. Please do better in the future.

Marc Liebman, Erie

I am writing in response to the article “As Trump ignores coronavirus crisis, Republicans start to contradict him” to discuss how well the authors have depicted the Republican response to the pandemic and the changes that have begun to occur in the second wave of coronavirus cases.

This article is a great demonstration of the importance of division of power in our government that allows even those people in Congress that are in the same party to take strong stances that may contradict the president when they believe it is in the best interest of the people.

It gives me confidence as a citizen to see the conversations on coronavirus beginning to cross over from a political debate to a prominent health issue facing all Americans as we have now reached 3.8 million cases in the U.S., according to the Johns Hopkins University data. Just like many other Americans, I am concerned for my health and the health of my loved ones as well as the economic well-being of our nation, but in the long run our united front in containing the virus will have better outcomes for the U.S. in both of these areas.

Citizens of the states that now have governors stepping up to implement protective steps, such as mask orders, should support these efforts to keep moving our nation in the right direction. Individual states must unite their efforts and push for one consistent message nationwide to prevent the spread of coronavirus even further.

Sarah Schultz, Fruita

Athletes privileged to be tested

How is it that healthy team members of the Denver Broncos, the Colorado Rockies and the Colorado Avalanche are tested daily for COVID-19 while sick, nonathletes like my adult son languish, bedridden for more than a week with constant high fever, cough, muscle aches, limited appetite, and loss of income with no results from a COVID test administered eight days ago?

Jessica Seaman’s article, “COVID testing results delayed a week or more,” reported these significant delays because of the surge in COVID cases with a national backlog and lack of capacity to process this current high volume. Yet, privileged Denver athletes are given daily tests?

Here lies another window into the inequality and misguided priorities ingrained in our society through our health care system.

Donna Halffield, Littleton

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