Kickin’ It with Kiz: Broncos and the NFL need to build a bubble. Now. Here’s how.

I think the Major League Baseball season is toast. That’s a bummer, considering the Rockies’ hot start. If I’m the NFL, I’m seriously thinking of going NBA-style bubble or not playing at all.
— Mark, Denver

Kiz: In this strange year, maybe it makes weird sense that when the Rockies finally construct a solid pitching staff, the entire MLB season feels shakier than a house of cards. My advice? No. 1: Enjoy every inning of baseball, while we still can. And No. 2: Hey, NFL! Build a bubble! Now! Or don’t come crying when your season gets sacked by the coronavirus.

I don’t see how an NFL season is possible without a bubble, because football teams carry a mass of people when they travel. How about paring the AFC and NFC West teams to play in a Seattle bubble; the teams from the two South divisions play in Dallas; East divisions reside in Indianapolis, and the North divisions in Minnesota? All playoff games in Indianapolis.
 — I.W., solution-seeker

Kiz: The staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters would like to make you NFL commissioner and send Roger Goodell to the beach, where he can stick his head in the sand. Using the Broncos as an example, let’s take your idea one step further to build a 14-game regular season. On Sept. 1, Denver goes to a bubble in Los Angeles with the Chiefs, Raiders and Chargers, as well as the NFC West, to play seven games to open the season. No fans in the stands. For scheduling purposes, play most games on Sunday, but also some on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. All league teams go home and take two weeks off at midseason. Then, prior to Thanksgiving, the Broncos reconvene in a new bubble with their AFC West brethren, as well as the four teams from another AFC division. What’s not to like? You tell me.

I have been trying to point out the pervasive extent of conspiracy theories on talk radio that circles our nation’s airwaves like a fog poisoning minds. Perhaps the ravings of Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr. will alert Coloradans to this danger, particularly to young, malleable minds.
— Bob, Boulder

Kiz: When I heard Porter theorize a virus that has killed more than 150,000 Americans is a device to control us all as puppets on invisible strings, I fought the temptation to shout: Stick to sports! But let me add: Neither Porter nor I graduated from the University of Missouri. Maybe that explains a lot. About both of us.

Any dissenting opinion must be mocked and vilified. So you tell Porter to eat his soy sludge, stay in his pod and keep his mouth closed. Thanks, Mark. Your virtue signaling is nauseating.
— Kris, Denver

Kiz: I hear soy sludge with a little raspberry sauce is delicious … and also wouldn’t be surprised to hear a conspiracy theorist tout soy sludge as an effective coronavirus treatment being denied us by the deep state.

And today’s parting shot answers the question: If the Miami Marlins shut down and didn’t play another game in 2020, would anyone care?

There’s a team in Major League Baseball named the Marlins?
— M.H., Windsor

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