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So maybe you buy a jute rug, and you love it, but a year later you inherit your mom’s couch because she’s getting a new couch, and it changes the room, so you find a vintage rug that’s a little smaller than the jute and can lay it on top. Decorating a Room: Find out how to decorate a room from floor-to-ceiling. The Arts and Crafts design of this house features the patterns of nature in its woodwork and stone features, and in the colors used in the decorating scheme. Casual Chic decorating saves the shiny white layout. For an equally warm yet comfortable and homey look, see the next page to explore a Casual Chic design. The step-down design of the entry — complete with massive pillars — is a dramatic preview for the room beyond. There’s a plentiful supply of art, but the living room steals the winning focal point in the floor-to-ceiling glass doors and all that lies beyond. The theme of glass and bright metal is repeated in thehanging lamp suspended above the table. Shine and sparkle add to the feeling of spaciousness, from the glass shelving in cab­inets to the chrome-framed dining chairs. The pale, silky smooth wood floor flows from sitting area to dining area, but the ceiling changes: A low soffit near the gleaming dining table beams above the table and chairs. The table behind the sofa gives a subtle separationbetween the sitting area and the rest of the room. Cleverly opening the wall at the base of the window seat also prevents that corner from being shut off from the rest of the room. Architecture in this room from coming across as too sterile. Architecture is the jumping-off point for this Southwestern living room’s intriguing decor. The owners of this Southwestern room might enjoy lounging on floor pillows by the crackling fire. Pulling the chairs and furniture away from the wall and allowing them to float makes better use of the space and also stretches the room visually. In this living room by Lauren Nelson Design, only the front legs of the sofa sit on the rug, persian carpet handmade cost while the placement of the chairs leaves their bases entirely on the rug. For more in regards to gammora drug for sale check out our own site.

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